Was man(n) beim ersten Dreh alles falsch machen kann...

What you can do wrong on the first shoot...

Hello, everyone! Maybe it's not very clever, right in the very first place 
CATCHMATES blog post about the little glitches and mishaps of a 
To write on the day of the shoot - one is vain and all... But the shoot in Alcúdia on Mallorca - our first fishing trip shoot ever - was so entertaining and funny that I don't want to withhold it from you.

First of all, a confession: I was extremely nervous! Not because of the whole
Organization of the day of shooting, not because of the weather or the danger, only
catching small fish and looking pretty stupid. No, I had respect
in front of the camera. I even practiced my lines the night before shooting –
which is why I was still a bit shaky the next morning (despite the
brilliant bed). But it doesn't help: if you're doing Big Game Fishing, you have to
cope with such great challenges. Ok, something tired started
me the day of shooting at 7:00 a.m. at the port. My luck: Our guide Vince is
better than the strongest coffee! Thanks to his enthusiasm and energy I was
immediately awake, and when I had my eyes fully open, we were already on
fantastic weather on the high seas. That I got a
badly sunburned, shall serve as a cautionary tale... And
then it all happened in quick succession: within a few hours we managed to create a
Hooking an Amberjack and a Dentex and landing successfully - awesome
Feeling. For refreshment, Vince and his crew served fresh tuna sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi - absolutely amazing! You can look forward to really delicious delicacies on the boat!

For the big highlight of the day, the sashimi strengthening was also sorely needed: I had an enormous tuna on the hook! We wrestled the guy for a full 2.5 hours - I lasted a little over an hour, after which Vince hooked himself. It was a real fight. In moments like this, it becomes impressively clear what powers are hidden in such a fish. In the end, the tuna won, but as we took a deep breath, we felt at least a little like winners. In any case, my forearms were twice as big as before – no gym can compete with that.

At the end of the fishing day I made two more blunders: first
I forgot where I left my rental car and gave up after 45 minutes
stupid search, only to find him again in the end. I then managed to fall asleep in my hotel room with the lights on full and my contacts on... All in all a brilliant fishing trip!

Your Felix
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